Hey. I’m Eric. I know some things about beer. Let me know if you have any questions.

I used to own Austin Homebrew Supply (with Daron White)

I ran the monthly Beer Tastings at The Gingerman in Austin for around a decade.

I built the brewery at Lovejoy’s Taproom in Austin (also with Daron)

I coordinated 3 of the Austin Homebrew Competitions, and helped organize the Texas Brewer’s Festivals Back in the 90’s.

I started this blog back in 2002, but have lost almost all of the data from the earlier incarnation.

I play just about any instrument with strings and I am in 3 bands currently: Passed Out Flyers, Hecho, and Lick Lick.

Some other bands you may or may not remember are the Fencesitters (and Fencecutters), the Stupor Friends, Alfalfa Male, the Wampus Cats, and Beer Supply.

For over fours years I made a gallon of homebrew everyday.

try gmailing me at topochico, if’n you wanna talk.



  1. A gallon of brew a day! Wow! That is impressive.

  2. Thanks for the BlogBurst endorsement. I drink beer, too–unionfree beer but still beer…

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