Lesson II-1 – Porter

October 11, 2006

Porter’s are a classic style of beer known for it’s use of black patent malt which results in a very dark beer with wonderfully complex flavors and aromas.

Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter is brewed in northern england, and the brewery uses a fermentation vessel known as yorkshire squares which are made out of slate.

I was outdoors at Cafe Mundi in Austin, TX. Guytown played soon thereafter.

Addendum: I don’t think I explained the three threads very well, so here goes: Initially the beers were pulled out of the various stages of the sparge (sparging is the process of rinsing the sugars off the grains). The very first runnings were made into a very nice strong beer (that was taxed more heavily and more expensive to the consumer), the second runnings were made into a middle of the road beer and th final runnings were made into small beer (low taxes and inexpensive therefore). The portersin londodn were reasonably well paid, so they started ordering”three threads” which was equal parts of the three different beers and provided a balance of quality and economy. What Mr. Harwood discovered was that he could make one beer that had all the qualities of the three threads (he called it the “Entire Butt” – butt being like a keg – one butt to rule them all and in the darkness bind them sort of thing), and the porters loved it and so over time the beer style paid homage back to them.


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