Lesson I-5 – Adjuncts (Rye)

October 6, 2006

Often times a portion of the malted barley is replaced with another grain during the brewing process. Most commonly we have beers made with corn, rice, wheat, oatmeal and rye, and occaisionally even some of the more ancient coarser grains like spelt and quinoa. This tends to add the character of thatgrain into the finished beer.

Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, TX, makes a Full Moon Pale Rye Ale that proudly displays the fine characteristics of the Rye Malt.



  1. Did you buy your moon cake, or did you bake it yourself? Also, does Rye need to be mashed, or can you use it as a steeping grain? Finally, I have also heard that you can use potato as an adjunct. Have you every tried ( or brewed) a Potato beer?

  2. I bought the moon cake (made sure it had lotis seeds); it was pretty expensive, but glad to participate in a new (to me) tradition.

    You will have to mash rye — you’re using it for fermentable sugars. I haven’t made potato beer, but I have used sweet potato pumpkin pie filling in halloween brews, and it needs to be mashed as well.

    I always felt like I had decent luck with partial mashes if you don’t have all the gear. it can be tricky and you won’t be able to get the full benefit of a 45-60 minute sparge, but the experience of the mash is really something.

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