Lesson I-4 – Water

October 5, 2006

Water is the largest single component in beer and has a huge effect on the finished product, both as the largest compenent and also in the ways that it can effect the malting, mashing, and brewing processes. I’m not much of a chemist, but I selected Bass Ale from Burton on Trent in the UK for the famously hard (ie high mineral content) brewing water they use. If you want a comparison and think you can isolate out the other flavors you might try this side by side with a Pilsener Urquel. (Really). (it has famously soft brewing water). (the beers are very different, though).

I will do a more detailed analysis of water when get to the actual homebrewing segments.

I recorded this at Lovejoys in Austin, TX. 604 Neches. If the audio is bad I apologize.


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