Waiter! We want some new beer!

October 4, 2006

Wet hop beers appearing now

“The end of the growing season has been celebrated by everyone from apple growers to winemakers, but lately brewers have started marking the renewal of their own annual cycle, with beers that are brewed with hops picked only a few hours before. Called “fresh hop,” “wet hop” or harvest beers, they begin appearing in late September, typically on tap and lasting only until the kegs run dry. “

I think that this would tend to make the beer a little overly punguent, but as it is for the harvest celebration, and since all the american beers tend to be a bit on the hoppy side anyways, I think it makes perfect sense. Too bad I have had zero luck growing hops in Texas…

If you find one of these out in the wild, let me know what you think. I mean besides the Sierra, which is always good.


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