Tentative Syllabus

October 3, 2006

OK, so the first 5 or 6 posts will be devoted to the components:

I-1. Malt
I-2. Hops
I-3. Yeast
I-4. Water
I-5. Fruits
I-6. Spices
(I-7). adjuncts?

The next group of Posts will be devoted to classic styles

II-1. Pale Ales
II-2. Brown Ales
II-3. Porters
II-4. Pilseners
II-5. Bocks or Oktoberfests
II-6. Wheat beers

The third group will be famous brewing regions

III-1. Belgium
III-2. Britain
III-3. Germany
III-4. Czechoslovakia
III-5. America

and the fourth group will be techniques

IV-1. Decoction Mashing
IV-2. Open Fermentation
This will just get me started, I hope to expand/revise each of these categories as well as go into the field for some brewery tours and homebrewing techniques, etc.

If anybody has any requests or comments — leave a comment below. I’ll be featuring Anchor Liberty Ale tonight or tomorrow.



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