Lesson I-2 – Hops

October 3, 2006

This tasting is to help calibrate the flavor of hops. I have chosen Anchor Liberty Because it rocks the hops. Other good examples of hoppy beers are pretty much any american style IPA, or red seal (I like the red seal a lot).



  1. As a new homebrewer with four batchs under my belt, I very much enjoyed these last two videos. Fun to watch. Keep it up!

  2. Another extremely helpful video; this is exactly what I needed-examples of extremes so I could get a basic framework to build upon.

    I have a couple of questions:

    What makes the color of the Anchor Liberty lighter than the color we saw in the first video of the Paulaner Salvator?

    Secondly, what makes the foam less clingy than the Salvator’s?

  3. The salvator is brewed with a decoction method which involves removing portions of the main mash and boiling them (boiling the sugar water makes it darker) and then adding the boiled portion back to the main mash to raise the temperature to the next rest. also salvator uses a munich malt which is naturally darker in color than the pale malt used as the main protion of the anchor steam.

    As for the foam, that is typically due to the the much more complex mashing schedule, which includes a relatively high final sacchrification rest.

    and the folks at paulaner have been doing it for a lot longer 🙂

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